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Saturday, October 24, 2009
[Whats the error?]

Red: JT, whats an error of comission and whats an error of principle?

JT: Error of comission is when you enter an entry in the wrong account

Red: Then whats error of principle?

JT: Miss Wan Ching

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Friday, October 16, 2009
[My Gallery: Emoticon]

I was browsing through facebook photos of random people when I came across
this one.
I like xD

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
[Im not who I was]

I maybe look the same
(except for the extremely bushy hair, which I promise I will cut soon)
but deep in me, Im not.

After my stolen Wifi got stolen,
my social status really got down.
I limited my social circles to the one I see everyday,
and end up feeling very empty inside.
I thought I would be okay but Im not.

And than, I am becoming what some say
Maybe one way to do solve this is by
getting a new image for myself.
Starting with a shave.

My best buddy Jazz told me myself,
"You gotta step up!"
....okay I forgot what exactly he said to me.

So yeah, what should I do?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm stranded in Sibu for two days. I've missed school for two days (that's actually the only good outcome because I hadn't done my homework yet). Apparently while my mum drive home from Sibu back to Brunei after sending Allister to his school, our car engine suddenly heats up. I discovered that the fanbelt of the car had snapped and literally ripped to shreds, which causes the fan to stop turning which leads to the radiator heats up, causing an increase in temperature in the engine. To make things worse, we are 186km (approxiametly) from Sibu, and 80km to Bintulu. Fortunately my big brother Phil called the tow truck and the insurance money. So we are stranded one more night in Sibu. The car took a whole day to be repaired, which cost us one more night in Sibu again. Mu sister cannot afford another leave from work so shee took the airplane to Brunei so she can go to work.

What I'm worrying about is the accident that happened to mu buddies back home. From what I heard, Vinnie got involved in an accident during Raya Project 4 in the highway, and his passengers were Albert, Sharmin and Ian. Albert suffers from leg bone fracture which leads him to an operation. The others suffer minor outer skin damage, scratches and burn bruises. I wish I would be there to see the comotion and the panic. And to think of it, Vinnie texted me earlier that day if I wanna join him in the ride. 0_0. I got the news from Theodora while shopping in Sibu, 20-30 mins after the accident. The shock I get was so ebormous, I stayed stagnant for few seconds. I immediately called the twins. They said not to get too worried so I don't....

That incident might put away the trust for my batch of new drivers..


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
[Makeover Night at KK]

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Sunday, September 20, 2009
[The KayKay Trip]

This are my journals during my KK Vacation. I typed them via my Phone.

(Picture will be posted later, if possible)

Day 1

Finaly here. Although i am later than earlier planned, and alone, i managed to displace myself in Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Fortunately there was a Ramadhan Booths outside for me to get something to eat.

The fligt was okay. Departing at 5 pm and arriving at 5.20 pm. They stewardess are disappointing, i prefer Air Asia's stewardess ( if you get what i mean) i was served with Apple Juice and a piece of Candy. And the steward ask me to be in charge of the emergency door in case any shit happen.

Well overall i wanna thank my mum, for going through a lot of crap to ensure im going here, althoug it cost her. I love you ma.
Thanks also to Fr Robert and Bishop, Red and his mum and my sister,

now i'm in Uncle Francis and his son, Adrian's truck. They pick me from the airpo
rt under Bishop's order. I saw a girl who awfully look alike like Lulu at a bus stop. Haha!

Uncle Francis and Adrian call me the 'Lost Sheep'. I feel more like the 'Late Tax Collector'

Its 11pm now, supposedly lights out. Im in my room with Charles and Sharmin. Poor Sharmin, something tells me he miss his sister...
Oh, and i had raw milo for snack xD

Day 2

overall, it is...Antah eh. Well, some of the activities we had were visitin the old folks h0me, human rosary and movie night. Im n0t much of the oldie folksie guy, but it is still nice to see what we did MAY cheer them up a lil bit.
The m0vie niGht was a last minute plan. We were suppose to watch Ice Age 3, but Bishop dislocated the DVD so we have to watch Bella...
Late niGht we played hardcore twister in Edward's r0om, until we got busted by Aubrey. RiGht now i am on my beD, 15 minuTe after the bust. W0nder what he will remark about us in the morning.

One fun thing me and Sharmin did in my room after i wake up this morning was making a decoy of myself sleeping on my bed (consisting of my sweater, a pilLOW and my luggAGE bAg). I cAll it my Sex Dummy/Toy xD

I trickeD Noel with it. The others just shocked with the fiGure oN the BEd. I doNt kn0w if Any of the other faCilitator seE it, they miGht thougHT its my escape dEcoy. Well, YOU are WrOnG! XD

there is g0na be a supRise birthday atTaCk oN bishop t0m0ro. Lets seE h0w it goes, for t0m0ro is a new day. aH0y!

Day 3

hail holy spirit, yes we are filled...Well h0pefully. Its 12am, and we aint goin to bust out because Aubrey might put a high alert.

Today we started the day by suprising Bishop by singing s0ngs infr0nt of his r0om. We waited for half an hour because bishop was takin a bath. Then, oN with jungle trekking around the Kelapa Sawit plantation, then the usual sessi0n.

Today was m0stly about preparing for the pray0ver. C0nfessi0n was okay. I t0ok a nap after it. At niGht the pRayover was friGhtful for all, its like my memory repeating. But we survived, yea s0me did collapse...

Oh, and this kid Jonathan bailed on his blind date. Shame on you mahn xD

Day 4

today is goNa be our final sesSion. And we have to prepare ourselves for the review night. The firSt performance for the review niGht is Edward's dance chant. My group unfortunately got the Robot Dance. Nasib ada Sharmin. Second performance is anythng. We chose to do the Hitler Skit that Bishop show us, with our own subtitle.

Jonathan (we call him Jonut) finaly talK to his blind date. He kept oN smilin after that. He got this word he kept saying all niGht ' Chu go SMSA chu die ah!'

that niGht is Kareoke niGht. While every0ne was busy singing, Melvin got other plan in mind. He opened a sal0on and made s0me extreme makeovers with s0me of us.

3am, and me and eDWARD are the oNly facilitators left awake. And shuTing d0wn the d0ors is frightening. I even have to escort Nath to her dorm. Then every0ne tidur...

Day 5

had to wake up early for masS. Darn sleepy, buT no worries, for today is g0na be a fun day.

We left Pace Bene arnd 9am and went to a youth training center. They have a beautiful chapel hear sitUateD at a clifF.

Then ofF to the Zoo! H0nestl, its my first time to a z0o. So yea, iski la me. The elephants were amazing! They perf0rmeD s0me head m0vements to the visit0rs.,and they have large c0ck. =.=
the otherz left me bhind so i have m0re time studyin each animal coz i was al0ne.

After z0o, its Sh0ppin time at 1 BORNEO! FirSt stop is Starbucks! The cashier girl is SO CUTE. I think her name is Alexis. Ian trieD to take pictUre with her, buT alas.
Then we went to get lunch. FirSt, went to McD0nald, oNly to realise why waste time eat here? Lets go to Kenny Roger Roasted Chicken. Here Karel kept flirtin with the waitreses..Yes, plural. Bishop alm0st got a hearatTaCK when he saw our bill , rm200 plus. Dnt w0ry bishop, we are payin xD
nxt, we went to find clothings. We f0und a realy awes0me skate shop! With c0ol cl0thes! I sPent ar0und Rm125 here, just for 2 shirts. XD
1Borneo is biG, like 4 times of the mall. Its the biGgest in b0rne0, and the undEr water secti0n is still under c0nstructi0n.

By 3.30pm, we are otw to the airPort for a 6pm fliGht h0me to Brunei, which ends the w0ndrful journey of Brunei 3rd Vicarate Comfirmation Retreat to KK!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009
[Sir. We have located THEOracle.]

Alas fellow bloghoppers. I have abandoned this poor site for almost two months now. Forgive my sin for dissapointing you fellow. I have reason for my dissapearence, and don't worry Theos, Im not sucked in into Tumblr just yet, although the fact that Blogspot is dying slowly. So in my absences, here's a few updates that I think is worth to share.

1. My Stolen Wifi is gone
Yes, its gone. One of the reason why i was missing in the online universe. I assume the owner of the Wifi has figured out the sudden influx on their internet bill. I pity them, but I had my time. So now I have to rely on my old alternate source to go surfing, my phone.

2. Legal Driver
25th August 2009, the date I somehow passed my driving test despite the fact that I screw up my parking. I have Matthias's uncle to thank for that, because he was my examiner. So now, Im 18 and I am a legal driver....just like how i imagined how it feel. Joshua was right though, the
flame of driving doesn't last long.

3. EHB gig on Jasmine's party
EHB got another gig for Naz's sister at Swiss few weeks ago. Where she going you may ask? United Kingdom of America...that doesn't sound right. XD Well you get the idea. UK. She's leaving this week I think. Well all I can say to her is.... "SERIOUS??" hahaha. And good luck mahn. Don't return here to soon like yours truly. xD

Guest and Jasmine

EHB featuring Noel, Jericho and Rachel

4. Kota Kinabalu
The mentioning of this subject right now really pisses me off. Im SUPPOSE to be departing tommorow with the rest, but because of some SCREW UP mad by some party, my passport is taken by the imigration deprtment for some processing. As a result, they be giving me back (hopefully) my passport by Monday, so I can take the next flight to KK on my own. Yea. Im pissed!!!!

In conclusion fellow bloggers...and Tumblrs, expect not much updates. I will update whenever possible as long i have any connection on the line. So until one day again my fellow people.



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Sunday, August 16, 2009
[The Award I received]

I got the award for the best student in SAS GCE O'Level for the
year 2008.
I am dissapointed because I did not get any prize money, HAHA. But I have to be grateful,
cause the Trophy is quite nice. And the ceremony is held at Manggis Ballroom.
So, yeah.

I am proud.

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Monday, August 10, 2009
[Jericho's Birthday Prank]

HAPPY 25th birthday JERICHO!
Although I known this dude for few weeks, he fit i
n with us perfectly.
Regarding the fact he's actually a computer teacher/ music lover

So yesterday, for his birthday,
Bob, Theodora and Jasmine planned to set up
a birthday prank and a surprise party.
(i won't call it a surprise because he actually knows what is coming.)

Our first stop was Bob's crib.
There, we began blindfolding Jericho as we enter the house.
We asked him to blow of the candles of the 'birthday cake', not knowing
(take note, he's still blindfolded)
that the 'birthday cake' was actually a cup of flour.
And when he blows know what would happen.

The plan isn't over yet.
After opening himself in front of the mirror, and chasing Theodora,
Jericho again was blindfolded as we are going to a secret location.
In Bob's van, we travel to somewhere in KB to a certain part around the
Wisma Yakin area. The night was empty, for only few souls roam upon the prem
Here, we 'threw' Jericho out to the street.
Some of us accompany him so he won't get harm being blindfolded.

Then, we lead Jericho to a restaurant (still blindfolded) and Bob pushed him t
a lampost.
At the restaurant, the Rock Garden, the people smiled and giggled at Jericho because of
what we are doing to him. Then, upon our table, the real birthday cake arrived and we had our
dinner. =)
The waitress, as agreed by most of the boys of the table, was hot!

After dinner, again blindfolded, we stop by Jubilee Park
to enjoy the view of it in the moonlight.
Agreed. It was beautiful.

So that was the conclusion of one of the
Awesomeness (as Noel said) birthday bash ever.

Picture courtesy of Jasmine.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
[Jane Eyre Movie again]

English Literature Class

After we all finish our Jane Eyre book,
Ms.Umi decided to let us see how they adapt the book into
a movie
This version we watched in the AVA Room is the
1996 version.

I admit the lil Jane here
(the sama actress who played Rogue in one of the X-Man movies)
is cuter.
The adult Jane Eyre is not bad too. So is Adele
However, the massive manipulation of the ending terribly dissapoints me.


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